Crap for sale!

Okay, so I am looking to move some goodies. I've got, all in-box and complete, three figures for sale. The first is Haruhi Suzumiya in a summer sort of dress, from Endless Eight. The second and third are Alter figures from Nanoha StrikerS, the 1/1 scale Reinforce Zwei and the big 1/7 Hayate Yagami. I know how stupid the prices are on ebay, but I need to sell them soon so just make me an offer and we'll talk.




made it

2500 miles later, Winchester, VA. Don't have internet yet, if you see me before tuesday I'm either at a friend's, at the Food Lion's parking lot stealing someone's interwebs, or somewhere in proximity of a McDonalds !stealing their interwebs. Sooooon...

...now I need furnitures.

Oh Bleach.

"Ichigo, you will probably put more effort into something with a specific time limit rather than something that could drag on without any resolution."

Delivering a line like that with a straight face = worthy irony

~sugoi desu!~


Local NBC affiliate had her on, doing a little free public concert outside their studio and a general interview, and I was listening...and I swear, the first thing in my head was "wow, she's got a good jpop sound, and definitely the right stage moves." Which I thought was cool, then I thought I was going crazy at random Japanese words appearing in her song, or else just not hearing it right.


Kylee Saunders, Arizona's own legit idol singer. Go fig.

you can't spell college without "lol" in there somewhere...

"Hi, I got your screenshots, but some of them were in this .rar format, and I had to go find that and then download a 7zip program. I never heard of that before, I guess you learn something new every day."

So I got this e-mail. I ponted and laughed. Hard. Why? Because this came from my COMPUTER SCIENCE PROFESSOR. Who teaches all the Windows stuff.

Oh I'm gonna love this class.


Can't get CNN to load, but NBC is directly reporting that Osama bin Laden has been confirmed killed in a US action. President Obama to speak shortly.

Confirmation from CNN and others, also stating that the body has been recovered by US personnel.